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We opened in late 2010. One school, three teachers, and a lot of work to be done. Since then, we have grown to a school with 3 branches and a staff of around 16 teachers, with further expansion ahead.
The key to our success? We care about what we do. And that shows when you look around our schools. Every member of staff works hard to create a positive learning environment, from teachers who plan interesting, varied lessons, to our administrators, who make sure our students are looked after and that everything runs smoothly. Working together, we ensure students get the attention they deserve and teachers work in a nice environment.
We’re located in 3 towns in the Moscow Region — Dzerzhinsky, Zheleznodorozhny and Malakhovka. All are located about 30 — 45 minutes from the centre of Moscow and each town has its own character.


We teach all ages and levels, starting at the age of 3. The majority of our students are young learners, but you can expect a timetable offering a decent amount of variety, usually including adult learners. Lessons run from Monday to Friday or Sunday to Thursday, and all teachers are guaranteed two consecutive days off. Most lessons take place between about 15:00 and 21:30, and although morning classes are a possibility, we aim in all cases to restrict split shifts to two times per week.

We use internationally-recognised course books, including English File, Solutions and Family and Friends. We provide additional resources where necessary, and each school has wifi throughout. You plan your own lessons based on the course books we use, with plenty of room for your own flair and creativity to shine through.
In addition to English we also offer art and theatre schools, exam preparation courses and the chance to learn other languages. While we remain an English school at heart, we’re always keen to offer something new, and to maximise our teachers’ talents. Special events are celebrated too, with designers brought in to decorate the school at Hallowe’en, Christmas and Valentine’s Day.


Our teachers – Coming from the UK, Australia, the USA, South Africa and elsewhere, we each add different ingredients to our international melting pot. Our teachers are nearly all native speakers and our lessons are conducted entirely in English. Each school has its own manager, with the Principal and Director of Studies overseeing everything on the administrative and educational side respectively. What unites us? A love of teaching and a desire to explore an incredibly interesting part of the world. We only work with teachers who share our passion and commitment to the most important people in the school — our students.

“Working at IEC was like being part of a big family — I still miss those days!”
Ryan, IEC Teacher 2010-12

“As a new teacher your input was invaluable and helped me become the teacher I am today.”
Gilberto, IEC Teacher 2014-15

“My students are great and I love doing something different each weekend.”
Arrin, IEC Teacher 2015-date

Away from the classroom, we ensure that all our teachers have full work visas and registration documents. We meet all new teachers at the airport and we also provide accommodation. This is usually shared with another teacher and ranges from modern to Communist shabby-chic 🙂 All our apartments are comfortable, teachers are guaranteed their own private bedroom and there is wifi throughout. You can out more about our teachers here:


When not teaching, take advantage of the plethora opportunities that Moscow and the region have on offer. We’ve had balalaika lessons, explored nuclear bunkers, been to concerts of world-renowned pop, rock and classical stars, sung karaoke (badly!), wandered around centuries-old monasteries, been go-karting, swum in wild rivers and had caviar– and champagne-filled barbecues, amongst other things! You simply cannot be bored here, whether you prefer your own company or to hang out with colleagues and locals.

Work with us – We’re always looking out for professional, creative and reliable teachers.

Открыты вакансии:


—  Преподавателя китайского языка

—  Преподавателя французского языка

—  Преподавателя английского языка с опытом подготовки к ОГЭ и ЕГЭ   

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или по телефону 8 (495) 545-80-44

Директор Скочко Марина

We are always on the look out for good teachers — if you have an ESL certificate (CELTA, TEFL etc.) and you are interested in working in the Moscow Region, send an email to our Director of Studies  at along with your CV and copies of your diploma and teaching certificates.
We look forward to hearing from you!


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